Hi there! My name’s Radek and this is my little corner of the web.

I’m a software writer. I design, build and maintain all sorts of apps. A particular passion of mine is making tools that let people get things done. Among those: Nozbe, a collaboration tool for teams; Tadam, a Mac app that helps you maintain focus while working; and Productive Magazine, a monthly dose of productivity knowledge and inspiration.

I’m a proud generalist. I am more interested in learning the broad spectrum of my craft rather than building very deep knowledge in a narrow field. I think of my work as more than just writing code, and I don’t constrain myself to a single platform, language, or framework (albeit I do have my favorites).

Lately, my biggest focus has been creating iOS and macOS apps. And since WWDC14, I’ve been really into Swift. (You might have noticed.)

On the web

I’m mostly hanging out on Twitter. You’ll also find me:

Open Source

I made a few things you might find useful, in particular:


On conferences, meetups, and podcasts: