Can you hear me?

I always lacked a place to share my thoughts. I’ve had things to say, but I kept them inside. I’ve had those ideas and rants in my head, but nowhere to put them. I needed a soapbox.

So I made a blog. More than once. But writing is hard. Those ideas sounded great in my head, but once I was to make coherent sentences out of them, I would hit the writer’s block. Every time. I would churn out a few lousy posts, and get discouraged after a few weeks. And my best ideas continued going to waste, because those are the hardest to distill into words that would resonate with people.

Something was clearly missing, so I gave Twitter a shot. Tweeting is easy. A tweet doesn’t have to be perfect. High quality is not expected. You don’t have to sit down and get into the flow, you’re just shooting the shit. It’s the perfect place to share random thoughts popping up throughout the day.

But you can only go that far with 140 characters. You can fit the gist of an idea in a tweet, but there isn’t enough space to explain it properly. Tweeting made me better at noticing interesting thoughts, but I still didn’t have a place to say something more.

So here I am. This is going to be my soapbox.

Published July 14, 2013. Last updated October 05, 2015. Send feedback.