Swifty methods, the talk

July 16, 2015
Hey! This is an old post. It reflects my views and the state of the world in 2015, but is likely to be outdated. You’ll find me on Twitter, building Nozbe, and making engineering blueprints.

Back in March, I gave a talk named “Swifty methods” on the Swift Summit conference in London. It’s a shorter, more compressed and refined version of the arguments I was making in the essay with the same name as well as the Swifty APIs series. I think it went quite well, so I encourage you to give it a watch on the Realm website:

📺 Watch Swifty methods

(I wish I could just embed the YouTube video here, but the Realm team went to great lengths to nicely synchronize the recording with the slides, so it works better on their website)

An earlier, less polished version of the same talk was given last November on Swift Crunch. Seriously though, it’s not as good as the one above:

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